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Calmatech tunnel dryer 

The Calmatech tunnel dryer is specially designed for the cure of inks on various materials. This dryer is available in various dimensions due to the modular design. The specially developed airflow plate in this dryer ensures even heating over the whole drying area.
Calmatech uses the latest burner technologies. Due to this technology and attention to fuel efficient design, these dryers have a proven record of low gas consumption. Optionally available with infrared, uv or electric elements.
The tunnel is easily accessible for cleaning due to the fitting of power assisted hoods.
The tunnel is equipped with a touchscreen which enables you to set temperature and belt speed and there is a burner indicator.
Remote access possible via a modem internet connection.
In addition a heat exchanger can be fitted to the exhaust ducting to provide heat during cold periods.
Provided with CE Mark.

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Calmatech Junior 

The Calmatech Junior is a compact tunnel dryer designed to cure inks on a range of materials and products.
The Junior utilizes an airflow plate designed to ensure the entire drying surface is evenly heated.
The metal filter ensures very little maintenance and cleaning is required. Should cleaning be required anyway, the power assisted hood makes this very easy.
The Junior is CE compilant.

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Drying Cabinet 

Practical advantages

  • Controlled drying process at a constant temperature.
  • Available with roller doors to save floor space.
  • 4 standard frame sizes. Additional sizes are available on customer request.
  • 6 wide frame trays.
  • Also available with 12 narrow frame trays.

Technical advantages

  • Air recirculation for energy efficiency.
  • Single phase power supply.
  • Only the edges of the frame are in contact with the dryer. This ensures that the screen dries evenly
  • over the entire surface.
  • Drying cabinet also available as a combined machine with a Calmatech actinic exposure unit.
IUT fixation heater
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IR Ovn
Model: KIH 50-100

  • Quartz varmerør
  • Bredde: 0,5 m
  • Varme sektion: 1 m
  • Total længde: 2 m
  • Power: 400 V / 5 kW
  • Max. temperatur: 200 °C

IR Ovn
Model: KIH 70-200

  • Quartz varmerør
  • Bredde: 0,7 m
  • Varme sektion: 2 m
  • Total længde: 3,5 m
  • Power: 400 V / 10 kW
  • Max. temperatur: 200 °C

IR Ovn
Model: KIH 90-300

  • Quartz varmerør
  • Bredde: 0,9 m
  • Varme sektion: 3 m
  • Total længde: 7,4 m
  • Power: 400 V / 15 kW
  • Max. temperatur: 200 °C